Pappa Roti
Pappa Roti

Rasha Al Danhani is the founder of the PappaRoti coffeehouse chain. In 2009 Al Danhani acquired the Malaysian brand PappaRoti (meaning 'Father of the bun' in Malaysian) that started in 2003, and turned it from a maker of buns and beverages into a coffee shop chain, with the coffee-coated bun as its signature.

The first store was a small kiosk opened in Dubai Mall in 2009, with a staff that included only five people. After five years, the number of locations exceeded 200 locations.

As of February 2020, PappaRoti has over 400 stores and kiosks located mostly across the Middle East and eastern Asia, with locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Brazil, and other countries.

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